“This is a gorgeous story about that rare leader who lived a life with his eyebrows continually raised in uncontaminated wonder and passed that wonder on to thousands of others. It is the book I’ve been waiting to read for over fifty years and should be required reading for every thoughtful world citizen.” —Warren Bennis, author of Leaders, one of the top 50 books of all time (The Financial Times).

“Like … a visit to the Exploratorium, this joyful and loving portrait has the potential to change minds and make explorers of us all.” — Jesse Cohen, Los Angeles Times

“The book made me laugh and cry—and wish that Oppenheimer were alive to read it.” —Dava Sobel, author of Longitude, Galileo’s Daughter, A More Perfect Heaven

“A deeply personal and moving narrative…the book leaves an impression of a man whose ideas about science and life continue to inspire inquisitive tinkerers, deep thinkers and explorers of mysteries.”   —Science News

“Something incredibly wonderful will happen when you open this book. You’ll come face to face with a man who had an uncanny knack for making the wonders of nature available to the rest of us, and you’ll get to look inside his extraordinary mind, which itself was one of the wonders of nature. As always, K. C. Cole delivers science to us as a thrilling ride, a deeply human story, and a gallery of unimaginable beauty.” — Alan Alda

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The Universe and the Teacup

“As a wide-reaching and accessible introduction to what mathematics can do for us, [The Universe and the Teacup] has few peers.”New Scientist

“This highly original and well-written book is seductive in the best sense: The author gently opens the reader’s mind to the beauty, power, and usefulness of mathematics, that Queen of the Sciences.” —Gerald Holton, Professor of History of Science, Harvard University

“The effect is like entering a big museum with a cheerful guide through the garden door into the gallery of masterpieces.” — Phil and Phylis Morrison, authors of The Powers of Ten

“Cole writes clearly, simply, and vividly; she so obviously likes mathematics, the reader can’t help liking it too.”The New York Times

“A loving paean to the awesome power and beauty of mathematics…A thousand fascinating facts and shrewd observations.” — Martin Gardner, The Los Angeles Times

First You Build a Cloud

“Laypersons will read this fascinating book with emotions not unlike those felt by Europeans of the Renaissance when they listened with awe to travelers’ tales of exotic scenes and wild adventures on strange continents. K.C. Cole’s enthusiasm for the great theories of modern physics—their beauty, power, philosophical depths, and yes, relevance to daily life—is irresistible.” Martin Gardner, author of The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener

“Cole Shows how the ideas of science can fold back and give us thousands of new ways to see our daily world more richly.” Douglas Hofstadter, Pulitzer Prize-winner author of Godel, Escher, Bach:  An Eternal Golden Braid.

“This book offers an eye-opening overview for a general audience of the relationship between the science of physics and the physical world we know and experience.” Booklist

The Hole in the Universe

“With grace, humor and abundant skill, K.C. Cole takes the reader on a grand and lively tour of modern physics…and shows how all roads ultimately lead to the same question: what is ‘nothing’? …a compelling, enjoyable and widely accessible exploration of one of the most fundamental scientific issues of our age.” – Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe

“K.C. Cole, with her wide-ranging mind, has provided a deep (but also light-hearted and accessible) meditation on ‘nothingness’—and how cosmologists, particle physicists, neurologists, psychologists, artists (and mystics) all find the notion of it productive and indispensable.”  – Oliver Sacks, M.D., author of The Island of the Colorblind

“An amorphous, flowing, mind-bending discussion, written in rich, graceful prose.”Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“Cole tells her story with such ease that it’s easy to underestimate its impact.”—The Washington Post Book World

Mind Over Matter

“If John Dunne were alive today and living in Los Angeles, he would be a K.C. Cole fan. Her science columns have the elegance and concision of metaphysical poetry and sometimes the bite and pathos as well.”— Jack Miles, Pulitzer Prize winning author of, God: A Biography

“In pithy, three-page bursts, [Cole] tackles particle physics, geometry, Alfred Nobel, and about a thousand other topics, all with graceful, accessible prose.” — The Boston Globe

“This fascinating and coherent collection captures much of life—from the deepest questions about the nature of the universe and the Big Bang to thong bikinis, the Nobel Prize, and mountains on Mars.” –Andrew Strominger, professor of physics, Harvard

“K.C. Cole is a bright star in the science-writing universe.”—Timothy Ferris, author of Seeing in the Dark

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Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens
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